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VertIcal Transportation upgrade

Cost and Energy Savings
  • 5 Elevator Cabs
  • Glass to Stainless Steel
  • Additional Lighting Upgrade

In 2019, our team noticed a need for an elevator ceiling upgrade at a high-profile client’s building in DC. Five of the original elevator cabs had glass paneling from their original install that were beginning to come loose with the potential to fall—creating a major safety hazard. In conjunction with the change in ceiling material, also provided the need to retrofit the lighting in the cabs.

Our team reached out to contractors for quotes to complete this project—but our Project Manager took the initiative to take this job in-house. By doing this, our team completed the project in a similar timeframe and saved our client over $24,000 in the process.

This improvement provided our client with a modernized look, while also contributing to their building’s energy savings by upgrading lighting components.