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lighting retrofit

Reducing Carbon Footprint and Utility Bills
  • 2,600 Light Fixtures Retrofitted
  • 300 Additional Lighting Control Sensors Installed
  • Reduction of 3 Million pounds of carbon emissions annually


Light Fixtures and Control Sensors Retrofitted


Pounds of carbon emissions reduced


in estimated annual utility savings

Complete Building Services, in conjunction with our primary tenant’s ownership and DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DC SEU), set upon an initiative to lessen the carbon footprint of our client’s facility, while also realizing significant cost savings for them. CBS worked with DC SEU’s rebate program to create a program including over 8,100 individual executions that would satisfy both requirements.

The greatest energy savings realized in the final program included retrofitting (2) lamp 1’x4’ 40W T12 fixtures to (1) lamp 1’x4’ 28W T8. This change resulted in a wattage decrease of 61 watts in over 2,600 fixtures.

In addition to the light fixture retrofit, over 300 lighting control sensors were installed during this project. These sensors, along with the over 400 existing sensors that were already in place, ensured unnecessary energy consumption was eliminated.

An independent analysis of the final project estimated the following:

  • An annual savings of 1.8 Million kWh of electricity and a decrease of carbon emissions totaling more than 3 million pounds each year. This equates to potential annual savings of up to $220,000.